If I Stay (2014)

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what if you could meet your celebrity crush but the cost was them knowing everything you’ve ever said about them in your tumblr tags

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my brother is turning 30 this weekend and it’s got me thinking about my own bucket list and what I’d like to achieve in the next 4.5 years.

  • Learn how to drive
  • Commence getting my licence by going on a Road Trip
  • Drive across America, making stops to see my oldest online friends in various states. - ideally this will be done in a Black ‘67 Chevy Impala
  • Visit Europe, particularly Paris and Rome
  • Experience backpacking
  • Bungee Jump
  • Move out of my Mom’s house and get an apartment with my Best Friend
  • Get the Harry Potter Tattoo I’ve been contemplating close to the past decade (“Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” )
  • Attend a Wedding / Be part of a Wedding Party
  • Take an Arts Class.

Karen & Matt - Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con - April 5, 2014 [x]

Karen & Matt - Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con - April 5, 2014 [x]

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I thought I was upset because my parents are insane, but Ron just showed me the real reason.

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The strangler is a rare poison, which makes the person unable to breathe. The poison is made from plants that are only found on islands in the Jade Sea. The leaves of the plant are picked and aged, then soaked in a wash of limes, sugar water and rare spices from the Summer Islands. The leaves are then discarded, but the liquid is kept and thickened with ash and allowed to crystallize. It turns a deep purple color.

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Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)

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I made you a promise, remember?

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It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls but they were never, in fact, homeless.

Everything you've done, I know now. For me, for Camelot ... for the kingdom you helped me build.

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